Barrage 2018 is only 11 Days Away

Barrage 2018 is only 11 days away.  Don’t miss out on the fun.

  • TWO Flames of War tournaments
  • The largest ADLG tournament on this side of the Mississippi
  • Over 70 miniatures events with more being added daily
  • Dozens of kid-friendly games, so bring your young gamer and enjoy gaming together
  • Reasonably priced food on premises with good food options nearby
  • Spacious, free parking
  • Friendly game masters
  • The guys from Little Wars TV
  • Vendors and flea market tables

This is gaming the way it should be:  no politics or kvetching, just a fun time miniatures gaming.

If the large conventions are sucking the joy out of your gaming, come to the best little convention in this part of the country.

The game grid is almost full, but there is still room for a handful of additional games.  Sign up today.  Bring a buddy.