More Retreat From Moscow Figures Completed

Mounted Cossacks attack retreating Frenchmen.

Despite a lot of business travel and a lot of activity at work, I managed to complete a few more figures for my Retreat from Moscow game at Historicon.  The game will use the free Napoleonic supplement to Combat Patrol(TM).

More Cossack attacks.

I have had the retreating Frenchmen completed for quite some time.  Lately I’ve been working hard to complete the pursuing Russians.  In these first two pictures you an see mounted and dismounted Cossacks from Old Glory.

Russian Hussars attack some retreating French infantry.

Today I completed a unit of 10 mounted Russian hussars in maroon uniforms.  You’ll note that many of the figures are not mounted on snow covered bases.  While the retreating Frenchmen are unique to the Retreat from Moscow, I plan to use the other figures frothier games, so I have mounted them on my neutral earth flocking.

Russian Dragoons attack retreating Frenchmen, including a sledge.

Right before leaving for a week in Europe last Saturday for business I completed a unit of 10 Old Glory Russian Dragoons.  These are in green uniforms.

Dismounted Cossacks vs. Retreating French.

In Combat Patrol(TM) I will probably make all the figures have an Accuracy of Regular.  The French will be outnumbered and trying to get across the length of the table to a small village with as many figures alive as possible.  The Russians will arrive at points along the long edges to keep the pressure on the French and make sure they don’t just lager up in the middle of the table and fight it out.