Finished a Unit of Munchkin Landwehr

Old Glory seems to be sending me figures faster than I can get them painted. This week, I wanted to knock out my second unit of Munchkin Landwehr. This will complete all my Munchkin infantry. All I have left of the Munchkin contingent is to paint the mounted officers for the regiments that I didn’t have until recently, because they were still being produced.

Munchkin Landwehr

The Landwehr are less provident than the named regiments, such as Hardsoles or Sourdough, but they are more numerous. Being less proficient, they are also lower point cost, so they are good to round out a brigade.

My new Munchkins regiment.

I like the way the Landwehr come with a mix of marching figures and those trusting forward their muskets. I think they make a nice presentation with the front rank in the attack and the back rank marching.

The Landwehr in column formation.
Both of my Landwehr units ready for battle.

Next on the painting table are Quadling and Winkies artillery crews, followed by more Lesser Pumpkin Head, Greater Pumpkin Heads, and Fearsome Scarecrows in time for Halloween. I will be visiting my son this weekend, so don’t look for the artillery until next week some time.