The Rise of the Land of Harvest

The ancient texts provide reference to Po-Land which was a traditional invasion route of larger nations. Like the land of the Po’s, The Land of Harvest has been the traditional invasion route used by the Winkies and Gillikins to attack Munchkinland. To help the Harvesters, Glenda animated King Jack to lead them. King Jack is tired of being an invasion route and providing mercenaries to other armies. He has been working to grow the Land of Harvest into a first-rate power.

Two batteries of Land of Harvest pumpkin chunkin’ artillery

To that end, Jack has begun to model is forces on the Munchkins, raising several batteries of artillery and even sending some of his artillerists to the Munchkin artillery school for training.

King Jack out in front of his artillery exhorting them to greater feats of glory and bravery. Due to the nature of his artillery, King Jack has the ability to fire over friendly troops that none of the other artillery in Munkchinland has.
Several regiments of Pumpkin Heads make a scary and imposing sight

Yesterday I finished another regiment of Lesser Pumpkin Heads. That gives the Land of Harvest two regiments of Lesser Pumpkin Heads, a regiment of Greater Pumpkin Heads, two batteries of artillery, and King Jack. There are some more packs coming from Old Glory to further grow the Land of Harvest.

Never mess with Greater Pumpkin Heads!
King Jack, astride his war horse O’Lantern leads his army in an attack on a Gillikin-held village.
Attack of the Lesser Pumpkin Heads supported by King Jack’s artillery