Circus JJ-Con-icus

The racers preparing for the main event...

This weekend was our annual gaming day in Charlotte.  JJ, a high school buddy, hosts this reunion of sorts each year.  This year we had a light turnout but quite a good time nonetheless.  The first game of the weekend was a chariot racing game using a beautiful set of rules that JJ played at Historicon 2013.  They were simple rules without nuances to make it really interesting.  From left to right the races are Jimmy, Nick, JJ, Dave, and Eric.  I took the picture.

Purple (me) in the lead at the first turn.
Purple (me) in the lead at the first turn.

We raced twice.  These are pictures of the second race.  From a previous post, you’ll know that I just finished these chariots last weekend.  When I got to Charlotte, I mounted the chariots on 5″ plywood squares and gave them a quick flocking.  They held up okay for the two races, but now that I’m home I’ll re-flock the bases and spray seal them.

Completion of the first lap. Note how all the racers are hugging the spine, except purple (me).

I tried to leave the starting blocks at a gentle pace; however, my stupid horses took the bits in their teeth and bolted ahead.  This allowed all the racers to draft behind my chariot while I broke the wind for them.  I fell behind after the first turn because of some really slow speed rolls.  I tried to power the our the second turn to stay with the pack and remain competitive, but I had my typical die luck, skidding out four lanes and falling way behind.

Completing the second turn. I'm whipping my horses to catch up, but blue is way ahead of me.

Coming around the second turn, blue was in the lead, and I was struggling to get back into the pack.

Completing the third turn. Blue crosses the finish line first, but will green or white come in second place?

I was still far in the rear as Eric, in the blue chariot, crossed the finish line well ahead of everyone else.  Will white or green come in second place.

The finish is blue, green, and white!
The finish is blue, green, and white!

Trying to race around the last turn, all out, I rolled really poorly and crashed.  Dave, in the green chariot, nosed past JJ in the white chariot, beating him for second place.  Medics hauled my limp body to the showers…

This was a terrific beginning to the weekend of gaming!