Last Days of the First Empire Scenario Book

Announcing the upcoming release of this exciting new scenario book for war gamers.  

Napoleon’s 1814 campaign is little known, often treated as a footnote between Leipzig and the Hundred Days.  Many Napoleonic gamers have read that Napoleon demonstrated his old genius but was overwhelmed by numbers.  The research Dave Wood did on this scenario book allow you to experience these battles yourself.  Players will find that the situations presented are interesting and fun.  Last Days of the First Empire brings you 12 historical scenarios from this interesting campaign.

The battles can be played separately or linked to play the entire campaign.

Although the book was written with Fate of Battle: Look, Sarge, No Charts: Napoleonic Wars in mind, the scenarios are written to enable players to use any set of Napoleonic rules.

Last Days of the First Empire will be published by On Military Matters in the near future.