Shipping Containers for SciFi Skirmish Gaming

I have previously mentioned that I want to build a modular space ship for SciFi skirmish gaming — probably using Combat Patrol(TM). A couple weeks ago I also showed some 10mm buildings that were constructed from plastic boxes and then covered with facades.  I had a eight of those boxes left over from that project and decided to use them to make shipping containers for the cargo hold of my spaceship.

Extra plastic boxes or bricks

These plastic bricks or boxes are 3/4 inch by 1-1/2 inch.  I used PowerPoint to make a sheet of box coves that I printed card stock.

I then cut out the boxes and glued them to the plastic bricks.

The whole project took less than two hours, got some clutter off my project table, and resulted in a pretty good terrain item for an upcoming game.