The Retreat from Moscow

I have been working for over a month to complete a batch of Retreat from Moscow figures.  These were a Christmas present two Christmases ago.  They took a very long time to paint, because each one was a different, so I couldn’t really paint them by assembly line.  I think they came out nicely.  What do you think?

The figure of New in the center foreground was a free giveaway figure at Historicon some years back.

We should see these in a Combat Patrol(TM) Napoleonic game soon…

I created the snow effect by covering the bases with a coarse medium gel.

I coated the bases with this coarse pumice gel, which dried in a gray color.
This is what the bases looked like after the coarse pumice medium gel was applied.
Once the gel dried, I then dry brushed the bases with white and applied some winter grass tufts.