Air Ship for Pulp and VSF Games

A long shot of the zeppelin

Some months ago I succumbed to the lure of this really cool MDF air ship kit.  I have been staring at the stack of MDF, cardboard, and other bits for months.  Finally last weekend my daughter and I began to assemble it.  During the week we began to paint the various sub assemblies.  While I was gone for two days on business she completed the final assembly.  Storage problems aside, this is a very nice kit and will make for some very fun Pulp and VSF games.

A view of the bridge through the front wind screen

I staged a bunch of my Pulp figures on the air ship to shoot some photos.

The action toward the bow of the airship

The airship kit was from Rusti at Crossover Miniatures:

A slightly longer shot from the bow

This airship is in five sections: the bow, a passenger section, a cargo section, a stern section, and cone to finish the stern.

The bridge from inside the airship


She Wolves charge across a gangway
A view into the cargo area from the stern

Cub Scouts defend the stern of the airship

You can see some alligator clips holding sections together.  The kit comes with mount points for magnets.  I have to purchase some and glue them to the ship, but for now, I’m using alligator clips.

German zeppelin troopers advance into the passenger area
Bad guys involved in nefarious activities in the dining room

The state rooms
American rocket troops defend the airship from Germans on pterodactyls
The clear plastic disks to suggest a spinning propeller came with the kit
A final look

I think this will make a great centerpiece for a series of Pulp or VSF games.

My daughter did a terrific job with final assembly.  I am anxious to get it into a game soon.