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The Peak District, Day 1

Our next day in England was spent in The Peak District, an area of high hills and picturesque vistas.  We stayed in a nice bed and breakfast in Castleton and then headed out on a hike across nearby ridges to Mam Tor and around the area.

Starting our morning hike along a small country lane that began in front of our bed and breakfast

It was a rather dreary day

The walk began on level ground but very quickly became steep

About halfway to the top

Despite the dreary weather, the views remained impressive

Mam Tor, the site of an ancient hill fort that dominated the area until the construction of the nearby castle in approximately 1070

Candy finds a friend during our walk back down from Mam Tor

Our bed and breakfast, the Rambler's Rest

After the long walk through the damp and drizzle, we dried off and relaxed over a game of dominoes

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