Some Weekend Painting

I returned from holiday in England and then spent a week at work, including the weekend, finishing up a proposal.  This weekend was our club night and a comparative play test of some post-apocalyptic rules sets.  I didn’t have a chance to start a new project, so I just finished some partially-completed figures that were on my table for almost a month.

Phrinx calvary?

The first item was a set of old Archive Miniatures Phrinx riding on Glyptodons.  Ma’k Morin used some green stuff to make larger scales toward the bottoms of the shells to hide the mold lines and gaps in the original figures.  I think the look is effective.  The weapons were a little.  One broke off while preparing the figures for painting, so I replaced with with an extra weapon from a Reaper bones set that came with a couple of extra arms.

Mounted Phrinx next to a dismounted one.

I found a set of naked Phrinx on Ebay for a reasonable price.  These were armed with swords and other fantasy accoutrements, but three had no weapons.  Again, I added a couple of extra Reaper weapons.

Eeek! Avert your eyes, ladies. A naked Phrinx with a laser rifle.
The fronts of the naked Phrinx with melee weapons
The backsides of naked Phrinx -- quite disturbing...
The three naked Phrinx with weapons added

I picked up this moose at Historicon from Pulp Figures.  It goes with their Northland Adventures line.  If these weren’t so expensive, I’d be tempted to make a ten-figure cavalry unit for GASLIGHT.  Some lancers would look great on these moose!

 Ma’k Morin also sent me some barbarian ducks, because I am building up a large duck legion for my games.

Duck! It's the ducks.
The sculpting on these is a little mushy, and I couldn't really clean up the eyes enough to paint them, but at gaming table distance, they look okay.

Last, but not least — well maybe least — were these three “tool robots.”  I think these are from Reaper, but I cannot remember for sure.

Diminutive tool robots