Litko Building

I’ve been adding to my collection of buildings for Pulp games.  In a very general, abstract, nostalgic way, I’m working on constructing the town of Granville, IL, which is a small town near where I spent my Summers as a kid.  I’m not being overly “realistic,” but looking for the right feel of a 1200-person town with a single main street. 

Finished Litko pizzeria
Finished Litko pizzeria. Each of the floors comes apart. The company also sells windows to go in the holes.

I’ve become a big fan of the Litko building kits.  They are laser-cut, hard wood kits that have brick and other detail scribed into them.  They assemble and paint quickly.  For Christmas, my parents got me another of the 2-story buildings, the pizzeria, and the small garage.  The garage is on the project table, but I finished the pizzeria.  My daughter did the dry brushing of the bricks, and I painted in the detail. 

Close-up of front door
Close-up of the front door. I didn't use the sign that came with the kit, but instead decided to make my grandmother the proprietor.

I’ll post a picture of the garage when I finish it.  I’m hoping to run a large pulp game in the Fall some time at a HAWKs night.