Pulp Figures Nazi Rockettruppen

I have had these Pulp Figures Rockettruppen figures in the painting queue for a while.  During the holidays, I was pretty busy with activities with family and friends, so I was looking for small projects that I could work in the mornings before others woke up.  These figures moved to the head of the queue.

Anyone familiar with Pulp Figures will recognize the Bob Murch sculpting style.  These are very nice figures — like all those from Pulp Figures.  I had hoped to finish them in time for the Duke Morrison Saves Christmas New Year’s Eve game (see earlier blog post), but I didn’t quite make it.  I decided to paint their uniforms in Luftwaffe gray blue, and I think they came out nicely.  The helmets are actually gray, but for some reason they look olive green in these pictures.

The figure sets even come with an MG-34, so you can build a plausible squad; although, there are  few too many pistols.  All in all, this was a fun project, and I like the way the figures turned out.