Darth Wader Attacks

Darth Wader leading a group of Archive Star Ducks.

My buddy Ma’k Morin (that’s Mark with a Massachusetts accent) found one of these Darth Wader figures a year and a half ago, and I have been coveting it ever since.  Both of you who follow my blog will know that I really enjoy figures of ducks and have built up both a fantasy and science fiction duck platoon.  The star ducks were missing their leader.

Darth Wader leads a group of Frinx who look like ducks in Stormtrooper uniforms to me.

For Christmas, Ma’k found a Darth Wader figure from someone in England (thanks Dave Wood), and he sent it to me in the mail.  Darth is well travelled, having gone across the Atlantic at least twice.  I was SO excited to get this figure in the mail, and sat right down and painted it.

Darth Wader faces Rebels.

Ma’k had hoped Darth Wader would arrive in time for my New Years Eve Star Wars game with Combat Patrol(TM), but it arrived just 24 hours late!  He will see action soon!