Napoleonic Combat Patrol(TM) Play Test

A helicopter view of the start of the game.

The second play test game yesterday was a game Duncan will run at Historicon with the Napoleonic supplement to Combat Patrol(TM).  The scenario involved a supply convoy getting ambushed by Spanish guerrillas and Portuguese troops in a small town.

Getting started.
The convoy advances. French infantry has decimated by Portuguese in the woods with incredibly accurate musket fire.
French cavalry redeploy. In the bottom of the picture, you can see my other Portuguese have moved to the edge of the woods to fire on the convoy.
French cavalry advances into the town, where they are attacked by “Crazy Dave” and his Spanish guerillas.

Though my Portuguese and Crazy Dave’s Spanish were just about wiped out, the arrival of two fresh units of Cacadores caused the French to break player morale and concede victory.  It was a fun scenario with lots of action.