Ducks on the Ghost Archipelago

Today we played our monthly campaign game of Ghost Archipelago.  I have been crazy busy at work so for me “monthly” has been more like “every four or five months.”  While the other crews are at sixth or eighth level, I was at zero level today.

My Heritor is Robin Duck (top right of the picture).  My Warden, at the bottom of the picture, is Friar Duck.  At this point in the game, three of my normal crewmen were fighting a ghoul to gain control of a treasure while my Heritor and Warden moved forward to challenge Greg’s crew for a central treasure.  You can see Devil Duck in the lead.  He looks cool, but he is just a minion.

Her you can see that MacDuck, my Guide, has rushed forward and is fighting one of Greg’s minions.  Duckhilda (the blonde), an archer, and two of my minions have advanced.

Here you can see Robin Duck, MacDuck, and an archer in a bit of jungle firing arrows at some of Greg’s crewmen.

This is another view of the game.

In the end, I lost no figures (for a change), captured a treasure, and captured a “central treasure.”  In the process I killed three of Greg’s minions and knocked out his Warden.  It was an unusually successful game for me.

As an infrequent campaigner, I don’t take the campaign too seriously.  I think the Frostgrave / Ghost Archipelago schtick is getting old.  For me, the monthly games are more about hanging out with the guys and swapping puns and funny stories.   It is also a chance to get my ducks on the table.