Battle of Lwów (1939)

As a Look, Sarge, No Charts: World War II extravaganza for Cold Wars 2011, Chris and I are working on a large battle based on the fighting around Lvov in 1939.  We’ll be taking a little license with the history.  The Germans attacked the city around the 12th of September.  Polish forces retook the city on the 13th with the help of the 10th Mechanized brigade, but the Germans maintained control of the high ground around the city.  They set up their artillery on the city and shelled the town.  The Russians arrived and completed the encirclement of the city on the 19th of September.

In our scenario, the Poles are in the town, but must attack to seize the high ground north of the city and destory the German artillery there.  The Russians are attacking from the East to enter the city.  The Germans are attacking from the West.  It will be a three sided scenario, because the Russians and Germans are attacking from opposite sides.  (In the real battle, there was no coordinated German-Russian attack.)  The Russians and Germans are, in fact, competing for the honor of capturing the city first. 

Polish Cavalry 1939
Polish Cavalry 1939

In preparation, I’ve been painting 10mm Poles like crazy.  I am just about done with more Polish armor and a regiment of cavalry.  I’ll post pictures of them soon.  When I finish another regiment of infantry, I’ll have enough (minus the trucks) for a mechanized brigade and an infantry brigade.  As the trucks are expensive, I think I’ll make my truck bases half sized and only mount a single truck.

I think we’ll have 8-10 players worth of Poles and another 10-12 player worth of Germans and Russians.  If you live in the Baltimore area, consider coming to Barrage in Janaury for the first major playtest of the scenario in preparation for Cold Wars.