Polish Cavalry

Top-down view of a Polish cavalry troop
Top-down view of a Polish cavalry troop

Last night I completed a regiment (three battalions) of 10mm Polish cavalry for the 1939 campaign.  The figures are manufactured by Pithead.  To my knowledge Pithead is the only company that makes Poles in 10mm.  Most of my figures for Look, Sarge, No Charts: WWII are Minifigs, but they do not make Poles.

Closeup of Polish Cavalry
Closeup of Pithead 10mm Polish Cavalry

10mm Wold War II figures paint very quickly.  It’s mostly a matter of dry brushing.  I base spray the figures black and then dry brush the horses and uniforms.  I paint the hair and rifles and then add the flesh for the face and hands and the helmets.

A Polish cavalry company
A company / troop of Polish 10mm cavalry mounted for Look, Sarge, No Charts: WWII

The figures are mounted for Look, Sarge, No Charts: WWII.  In LSNC all the information needed to play the game is placed on the label at the back of the base.  There are no chart cards.  Additional information is provided by a handful of special dice.  To help denote which bases (platoons and headquarters) belong to which units, I paint a small bar on the base in different colors for battalions and denote the company number with dots.  In the case of the picture above, this troop is from the “brown battalion” and is the “third company.”

I can’t wait to get these troops on the table.  Buck’s law says that the first time you use a newly painted unit in a game, they will get smucked.  I’m anxious to get that over with so we can start doing play tests for the Lvov LSNC extravaganza.