Painting Results, 1st Weekend of May 2020

Continued to be quarantined due to the plague panic, I manage to get a lot of hobby work accomplished. In addition to finishing up the editing of the 17th Century supplement for Feudal Patrol and get most of the editing done on the Meso-American supplement, I managed to get a lot of figures painted. As with most weekends, the week was spent on figure prep and base coats, and then I did the detail work while listening to movies streaming off my media server. This weekend, I listened to a bunch of the Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland musicals and a half dozen Hopalong Cassiday movies while painting. I also got my weekends mixed up and thought Sunday was Mother’s Day, so picked up IHOP family feast breakfast to go.

A view of a portion of my British paratrooper platoon.

The “main event” for this weekend was to complete a platoon of British paratroopers from WWII. I had completed the first half with figures I had collected here and there over the past year, but I was missing a few more riflemen, PIAT teams, Bren gunners. I ordered Crusader figures from Badger for most of what I needed, but Badger also carries Artisan, so I was able to get their paratrooper PIAT teams, since Crusader doesn’t seem to make them.

The completed, reinforced platoon.

When the smoke cleared, I had a reinforced platoon, including three PIAT teams, a Vicker’s machine-gun, and mortar, and a 6lb anti-tank gun. These are now ready for action!

Having completed my main objective for the weekend, I then started pulling some odds and ends out of the painting box and knocking them out.

The last five smugglers from Outpost Wargaming Service.

A couple weeks ago I posted some pictures of the OWS smugglers and highwaymen that I painted. When I ordered my missing British paratroopers, I ordered five of the smugglers I was missing. I painted these in all red bandanas with the idea of making them an easily identified unit during a game.

Looting Vikings — are there other kinds of Vikings?!

I picked up this pack of looting Vikings at Cold Wars. I don’t remember the manufacturer. They were fun to paint.

Some Reaper Bones figures.

I had a dozen or so Reaper Bones figures in the painting project box, that I have been delaying painting. I don’t like working with the original Bones material, and I think the features are mushy. One of these figures I have in metal too, the one carrying the tray, and that figure is so much nicer than the Bones one. I keep four 4L Really Useful Boxes of figures that are filed, based, and primed, and I decided to paint a few of these Bones figures to make room in one of the project boxes. Here you can see four of them. I really like the woman with the rolling pin. The figure second from the right is of unknown origin. I painted her to be my wife’s character in our D&D campaign.

I think this guy is running for Congress.

Chris gave me this figure. It is Reaper Bones but in the new Bones Black material. While the details remain mush compared to a metal figure, the black material is WAY better than the old white material. This figure was fun to paint.

Over the years, I have painted a handful of figures that I just wanted to paint and am not sure they will ever make it onto the table. I usually just place them on a shelf in my painting room, where they gather dust. I came up with the idea of getting some baseball display boxes from Hobby Lobby (on line) and putting some figures in them for display. I will probably do a couple more, but here are the four I did early Sunday morning while everyone else was still asleep.

Santa and Santa’s helper from Copplestone, Mrs. Santa from Reaper, and some of Santa’s bodyguard of unknown origin.
Some Pulp Figures I painted in black and white as an experiment. (We know that most black and white movies are far superior to most recent movies).
Figures from the Princess Bride.
Hogan’s Heroes, which I think are from Stossi’s Heroes.
The Rebels crew fighting Darth Wader.

Months ago I purchased a Delorian from Back to the Future for an 80’s movie and TV game I plan to run in the future. It came in a plastic display box. I painted the surface gray and placed the Imperial Assault figures from Rebels on it fighting Darth Wader (Darth Vader as a duck). These are affixed with putty, so I could take them back out and use them to game.

The Rebels crew with the plastic top on the display base.

Last, but not least, I bought into the Sally 4th Whiteout Kickstarter a few months ago. I ended up with 12 figures, a gyrocopter, and a snow mobile. Here are the first four that I finished. The others I’ll finish this week. These will be for a pulp game based on Ice Station Zebra. That game is deep in the queue for convention games, but I wanted to get them painted for when the muse strikes me.

Sally 4th Whiteout figures.

It was a pretty productive weekend. This coming weekend, I should finish the Whiteout figures and the Bones figures. Next in the queue are some Pulp Figures iconic movie monsters and a group of Gypsy musicians. Then I hope to knock out several battalions of 10mm Napoleonic Prussian infantry and cavalry that have been filed, primed, and glues to sticks for a couple of years.