D-Day Weekend Hobby Work

Much of Saturday was consumed by a four-player, Zoom-based, virtual play test of Wars of Ozz in the afternoon. The game went well, but Dave’s Munchkins were badly mauled by Chris’ Winkies in the most lopsided outcome we’ve seen with these rules. It was a combination of Dave not realizing that he should try to avoid Melee with Winkies and Dave’s dismal die rolling of Biblical proportions. On the other flank, Zeb and Greg had a very even match between their Gillikins and Quadlings.

A view of the table in Florida from Chris’ screen in Maryland.

After the game, my wife decided that I wanted to take her out to dinner :), so that consumed the rest of the evening. We’ve become big fans of Bonefish Grill. The service is always excellent, and the food is good.

Sunday I had a chance to paint some. Late last week, I had pulled three Eureka Miniatures French Revolution vignettes out of the project box to the painting table. I don’t know if they will ever find their way into a game, but they were fun to paint.

French cantiniere.
Another view. Painting all the tiny separate bits to go in the wagon took much of the day.
Bread makers. I like the woman kneading the dough with her feet.
Another view.
A final view.

The next set were some workers. I am not sure what the women with the sacks are supposed to be doing, but I like the guy sharpening a sword on the big stone.

And then I found this guard post. I have no idea where it came from or why I purchased it, since I already had one, but it was an easy project.

And finally, I painted the last three Marshall Ney figures.

In addition, Saturday morning, I filed and based a much of recently arrived duck figures, some of the Bad Squiddo women of WWII Kickstarter figures, and some figures I received from Badger Games. Look for pictures soon.