Completed two small projects last night

At Cold Wars 2020 Old Glory was handing out a pack of figures that included three Marines and two animals. This vignette is based on a true story about a patrol that was warned of a Japanese ambush. I rushed to the dealer hall to make sure I could get a set. I painted them this week. I couldn’t remember my US Marine “recipe,” so they turned out a little more tan than green, but uniforms fade like crazy in the hot sun.
Sally 4th television and movie characters. These are detectives. My favorite is Miss Marple from the Margaret Rutherford 1970s movies.
A Star Hat Miniatures duck. I painted this at the same time as the Marines and used the same paint scheme. Most of the Star Hat figures are fantasy, but in the recent Kickstarter there was this one “modern” duck. I think I’ll put him with my other science fiction ducks.