A few more Anglo-Somethings to Fight my Vikings

Early this morning I finished few more Anglo-Somethings to fight my Vikings. I have been facetiously calling them “Anglo Somethings,” because I will use them as Saxons, Danes, or whatever is needed for a scenario.

These were fun to paint. I am still not sold on plastic figures. I would much prefer to see plastic figures with metal weapons, as I think the plastic spears are unlikely to survive too many games.

These images turned out a little more yellow than I expected, but you can see that the figures are ready for battle.

We used these figures this weekend to play test a scenario. The scenario was mediaeval, but I don’t have any mediaeval figures, so I just used these. Buck’s Law says that the first time you put a new unit on the table, it gets spanked. That happened this weekend — lots of casualties.