Wars of Ozz Figures Work in Progress

I have been painting at a feverish pace to get all the pre-production figures ready for FOUR demonstration games at Cold Wars in two weeks. Below you can see the work in progress pictures of many of the units. I don’t think any of these units have been previewed before, so enjoy this first look. (The figures are nicer than perhaps my paint job conveys, but these will give you an idea what will be coming soon.)

A view of the Munchkin light cavalry regiment. I have not decorated the bases or put on the flags yet in these pictures.
Another view of the Munchkin light cavalry.
A view from a different angle. All Munchkin cavalry is equipped with carbines.
A view of Munchkin heavy calvary. These are also armed with carbines.
Another view.
Munchkin heavy artillery. Note the bright colors of the artillery carriages. A result of the “madness bombs” that caused society to disintegrate is that the survivors have a penchant for bright colors.
Munchkin light artillery.
Gillikin heavy artillery.
Gillikin light artillery.

In addition to the four major nationalities (Munchkins, Quadlings, Gillikins, and Winkies), there are a number of other forces that can be used as “allies” or mercenaries when players create their armies. Below are pictures of one of those allies, the lesser pumpkin heads.

A view of lesser pumpkin heads.
Another view.
A third view.
A long shot of a lesser pumpkin head regiment.

I have three regiments of Quadlings to try to finish by Cold Wars. Here they are on the table ready for a coat of apothecary white.

Three Quadling regiments waiting to be painted.